about CrossCountry

about CrossCountry

CrossCountry Fishing Charters operate charters all year round along the South West coast of Victoria.

We are all about making your day on the water an enjoyable experience, full of many laughs, plenty of stories and a few bent rods.

Our awesome crew will ensure you are well looked after throughout the day, also cleaning and bagging your fish at the end of your trip.

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Our charters

Our fishing charters launch from Queenscliff to Portland and go for 5,6 or 8 hours.

If you have your own idea or have questions - give us a call on 0417 722 094 to chat about your next fishing adventure.

5 Hour

$150 pp

All year
  • Squid
  • Whiting
  • Flathead
  • Salmon
  • Wrasse
Let's go!

8 Hour

$300 pp

  • Offshore Tuna (April to September)
  • Mako Shark (All year)
Let's Go!

Note: 8 hour charter full boat bookings can be booked all year round to target any desired species.

Our fishing charters from Geelong to Portland are 5, 6, or 8 hours and can accommodate any skill level. Whether you’re an experienced angler, like the odd fish with mates, or you're a total beginner – we'll make sure you enjoy every minute hook, line and sinker.

Give us a call to chat about your next open water fishing adventure!

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Zac Cross
Skipper 0417 722 094

where we fish

We operate from Queenscliff Marina @ Berth 98 from September to April and will move between Apollo Bay, Port Fairy and Portland chasing Tuna from April to September. The fact that we are trailerable gives us the flexibility to chase the fish.

Locations will be easily accessed on all our social sites well in advance.

where we are

We are based in Queenscliff, Victoria.