One of these lads will be on deck to give the best time on the water.

Rhys "" Davis

Meet Rhys “Ticca” Davis.

Growing up in Ocean Grove, If Rhys wasn’t on the water fishing, he was under the water diving for crays.

The ocean has been his second home, fishing the coast line from Geelong to Portland. Also venturing up the east coast chasing marlin.

On many occasions Ticca has been known to knock off early to hook the boat on!

Ticca’s enthusiasm for fishing is undeniable, and we are stoked to have him apart of CrossCountry Fishing Charters.

Phill "" Dickson

Meet Phill “Lucky” Dickson.

Phill has fished the local waters of Port Phillip Bay for as long as he can remember, chasing snapper, whiting, squid, sharks, kingfish and many more!

Joining ANSA fishing club at the age of 18, was the start of a life time on the water. A few years later starting there own local fishing club ‘Geelong Blue Water’. Phill is a very popular face in the fishing community. If you haven’t seen him in Mario’s Bait and Tackle, it’s more than likely at St. Leonards boat ramp most nights of the week sneaking out for a fish.

His passion, kind nature and willing to teach others around him is truly inspirational.

We are excited to have phill apart of CrossCountry Fishing Charters.